Synod member says personal testimony ‘powerful’ in changing hearts

Fr. Alex Kratz

Name: Fr. Alex Kratz, OFM
City: Berkley
Position: Assistant director of Franciscan Formation and spiritual director of Terra Sancta Ministries
Age: 47



What excites you about the upcoming synod?

The seriousness and commitment of the Archbishop, and the archdiocese following him, to undertake this process and to submit to the inevitable learning curve it will require as we get “re-trained” to live in a more missionary key (to echo Pope Francis in “Evangelii Gaudium”). I am excited that what some of what we have been saying and preaching and teaching for years — like a voice in the wilderness — is now starting to come to pass in a structural and institutional way.

In what ways can you say you’ve grown as a disciple in your Christian journey?

I believe I have grown in my union with the Lord, my desire for him, my conformity to His perfect person in the fruits of the Spirit and the many virtues needed to “put on Christ.” I believe I have grown as a fraternal man to be more solicitous to seek out the needy in my fraternity and in the community at large. I believe I have also engaged in the missionary apostolate to share Christ and His glorious Gospel with the world at large.

In your opinion, what is one of the best ways to share Christ with other people?

Personal testimony. This irreducible personal sharing cannot be feigned, and can’t be very impactful when it is undertaken with a sensitivity that notices the level of interest by the other. Knowing our spiritual history and recent spiritual experiences that may be shared for the sake of conversion is a powerful non-institutional means of allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us to influence souls.