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St. Romuald revived hermit life, led his father to repentance

St. Romuald (June 19)
Hermit, founder of Camaldolese monastic order.

St. Romuald, who founded the Camaldolese monastic order during the early 11th century, is remembered on June 19. Working within the Western Church’s Benedictine tradition, he revived the primitive monastic practice of the hermit life, allowing for greater solitude in a communal setting. Born into an aristocratic family during the middle of the 10th century,…

St. Justin Martyr testifies to ancient Church practices regarding liturgy, morality


St. Justin was born around the year 100 in the Palestinian province of Samaria, the son of Greek-speaking parents whose ancestors were sent as colonists to that area of the Roman Empire. Justin’s father followed the Greek pagan religion and raised his son to do the same, but he also provided Justin with an excellent…