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St. Justin Martyr testifies to ancient Church practices regarding liturgy, morality


St. Justin was born around the year 100 in the Palestinian province of Samaria, the son of Greek-speaking parents whose ancestors were sent as colonists to that area of the Roman Empire. Justin’s father followed the Greek pagan religion and raised his son to do the same, but he also provided Justin with an excellent…

St. Vincent Ferrer brought thousands to Christ through preaching, example

St. Vincent Ferrer (April 5)
Patron of builders, construction workers, plumbers, fishermen and orphanages

Roman Catholics celebrate the missionary efforts of St. Vincent Ferrer on April 5. The Dominican preacher brought thousands of Europeans into the Catholic Church during a period of political and spiritual crisis in Western Europe. Vincent Ferrer was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1357. His parents raised him to care deeply about his religious duties,…