Catholic Television Network of Detroit Schedule


Holy Eucharist: Greatest Love Story #3 – Fr. Andrew Apostoli talks about the Eucharistic Adoration in the third part of this series.

  • Tuesday, July 18th at 1pm
  • Thursday, July 20th at 12:30pm
  • Friday, July 21st at 2pm

Father Michael McGivney – offers a rare glimpse into the life of an extraordinary priest and visionary leader. From defending the persecuted Church to protecting widows and orphans Father Michael McGivney celebrates the triumphs and tribulations of a priest.

  • Monday, July 17th at 2pm
  • Tuesday, July 18th at 4pm
  • Thursday, July 20th at 10am

 Mystery of the Eucharist Vol. 1 – Fr. James Kubicki talks about a Mystery to be Believed in the first part of this 3 part series.

  • Tuesday, July 25th at 1pm
  • Thursday, July 27th at 12:30pm

Heroic Journey – Father Solanus Casey was a humble man who for decades was sought out by people looking for help and advice. This docu-drama shows the beloved friar’s growing years, his several assignments and many situations in which he is credited with curing various ailments before he died in 1957.

  • Monday, July 24th at 2pm
  • Tuesday, July 25th at 4pm
  • Thursday, July 27th at 10am