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A house where all can dwell

Residents hold hands during the Our Father at a Communion service inside the chapel at Henry Ford Village in Dearborn.

Henry Ford Village Catholic community cultivates faith in full-service chapel Dearborn — It’s no small secret that people tend to become more religious as they age. Whether it’s because they have more time for God as career and family obligations ease, or the passing of time gives them greater spiritual perspective, seniors often find solace…

Senior volunteers are often the ‘unsung heroes’ of parish life

Shelli Jump, St. William Parish Christian service director, assists senior volunteer Vita Harter with the parish's prayer quilt ministry. The prayer quilt ministry, along with many others around the parish, is one of the many ways seniors volunteer their time to enrich parish's mission.

Photos by Dan Meloy | The Michigan Catholic

From altar societies to parish office volunteers, seniors keep parishes going Walled Lake —When someone is needed to count the weekly collection, they’re there. When new flowers need to be planted along the walkway, they’re there. When catered meals need to be cooked for grieving family members at funerals, they’re there. If something needs to…