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The habit and the veil

By John Garvey | Catholic News Service columnist We hear often from our European cousins about America’s many faults, primarily our foreign policy interventions, our preoccupation with firearms and our relatively high levels of violent crime. But every now and then, we also get a reminder of how wise our Founding Fathers were, and how…

Speakers to stress that ‘Life is a Gift’

Detroit — The Archdiocese of Detroit will mark the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision with a conference designed to revivify and deepen pro-life activism. The 1973 decision effectively legalized abortion on demand in the United States, and its anniversary has become the focus of annual demonstrations and other events lamenting…

2010 – A year to remember

We take a look back on the stories that made 2010 stand out from the rest

The life of the Church and its people never rests — and evidence abounds in 2010 for the Catholic community of Metro Detroit. We had our share of joys for the year, and a sobering share of sadness, as well.

With mere days remaining in 2010, we remember both the smiles and the heartbreaks behind all that’s happened. And while each Catholic has in her heart more personal reasons for remembering the year now-past, here are some of the events we lived through as a faith community, with God’s grace, in 2010: