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Passion play carries on longstanding tradition at Farmington parish

Our  Lady of Sorrows parishioner, Sarah Evangelista sings several songs in her role as Mary in "The Passion Through Mary's Eyes," a live presentation of Christ's Passion at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Farmington. 

Courtesy of John Santilli

Karla Dorweiler | Special to The Michigan Catholic Farmington — When Our Lady of Sorrows member Larry Smentowski was working to retool the parish’s live re-enactment of Christ’s Passion, he looked to the Blessed Mother. “Given that we are Our Lady of Sorrows, it made sense to think about the Passion in this way, through Mary’s…

A personal relationship with Jesus or the one, true Church?

Young people pray during Eucharist adoration led by Pope Francis at the World Youth Day vigil on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro in 2013. 

Paul Haring| CNS Photo

A Protestant in one of the Facebook groups I am part of, observed (paraphrased): “The emphasis of Catholics is for you to join their church.” “The emphasis of Protestants is to want others to experience a personal relationship with Jesus.” The question is typical of Protestantism’s characteristic “either/or” outlook, or what convert from Lutheranism Louis…