Tell The Michigan Catholic why you love your priest!

Leave a note in The Michigan Catholic’s annual Priesthood Sunday edition!

Oftentimes, priests simply don’t get the recognition they deserve. So once again, The Michigan Catholic is offering readers a chance to publicly honor those who spend their lives counseling us and ministering to our spiritual needs by turning our pages over to you in our annual Priesthood Sunday edition.

Send us a letter, in 250 words or less, by Monday, Oct. 17, and we’ll include it in this upcoming tribute to our priests (don’t forget your bishops, too!). For all the baptisms, weddings, funerals, Masses, confessions and more, take a moment to tell us why your priest is special and a blessing in your life.

Email [email protected], send to Priest Praise c/o The Michigan Catholic, 12 State St., Detroit, MI 48226, or simply leave a comment below.

  1 comment for “Tell The Michigan Catholic why you love your priest!

  1. Suzanne Mominee
    October 17, 2016 at 7:11 am

    In recognition of our Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron who has devoted his life to his people in Michigan. Thank you for having the Holy Doors of mercy through which so many souls have found great peace this year. Thank you for leading us from repentance to transformation during the holy year of mercy. Our little band of souls from Henry Ford Village in Dearborn made the pilgrimage through the Holy Doors in June 2016. It was a holy experience. The Holy Spirit is truly alive and working through Archbishop Vigneron, our good shepherd.

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