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‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’ powerfully portrays the apostle to the gentiles


The film, “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” well expresses what its title proclaims. Paul’s extreme faithfulness in reflecting the love of Christ is well delineated in this film. In seeing this film, the viewer learns of Christ’s impact upon Paul’s life and learns of Paul’s loving faithfulness to Christ even as he awaits martyrdom as a…

Shootings shatter the peace our children rightfully deserve to expect

Humans have five basic aspects: physical vitality, social grouping, cultural identity, self-determination and spiritual transcendence. Each aspect promotes distinct values to accomplish human goals. Consider the Gospel for the second Sunday of Lent, on the Transfiguration of Jesus (Mark 9:2-10). Climbing this high mountain took strenuous vitality. Being selected as one of only three companions…

Nuclear disarmament is a moral matter

Paul Haring | CNS Photo

For me as a lifelong Catholic, there were tidings of great joy, and a clarion-call warning, this holy season.  In November, at the start of the Advent season, Pope Francis proclaimed that even the possession of nuclear weapons is to be condemned. His words [my emphasis] at a formal Vatican symposium: “Nor can we fail…